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Useful Information
About Flavoured Schnapps

Natural ingredients steeping in vodka.

Alcohol Bases for Flavoured Schnapps
Alcohol bases for flavoured schnapps are numerous. You can use Danish schnapps, aquavit, vodka or pure grain alcohol. Or other spirits like rum, brandy, gin, tequila, bourbon, Scotch whisky or Irish whiskey.

Natural Flavouring Ingredients
To flavour schnapps, vodka or whatever base spirit you choose, you get the best result, if you use natural ingredients like herbs, fruits, berries, nuts, spices, blossoms, leaves, roots, seeds, barks, etc.

Jars and Bottles - and other Equipment
You don't need much more than some glass jars and bottles to make your own flavoured schnapps. And most of the equipment are things you may already have in your kitchen cupboards and drawers. 

About Plant Infusions
To make flavoured schnapps you must first make one or more infusions of the flavours from herbs, fruits, berries, etc. This is done by steeping your plant material in Danish schnapps, vodka or any other base spirit. 

About Steeping Periods
The length of steeping periods vary depending on the alcohol content of your spirit, the type and amount of plant material you use, the steeping temperature - and what best suits your taste. 

How to Filter your Infusion
The purpose of filtration is not only to make your infusion clear, attractive and appetizing. The purpose is first and foremost to remove all impurities that may otherwise spoil the taste and flavours of your infusion.

How to Store (Age) your Infusion
Proper storage of your infusion is extremely important. Or your flavoured schnapps will not reach its full potential. The duration of storage differs from infusion to infusion. But usually it takes 1-6 months. 

Storage Bottles and Containers
Used spirit or wine bottles are fine as storage bottles, as long as they are absolutely clean and without any residual flavours. Avoid plastic bottles, bottles with rubber rings, and also painted bottles. 

How to Adjust Taste and Flavours
After proper steeping, filtration and storage, you may want to adjust the taste and flavours of your infusion to suit your own taste. Learn how to dilute your infusion, enhance the flavours, or save a bland schnapps.

Sugar and other Sweeteners
True Danish flavoured schnapps should not contain more than 15 grams sugar per liter. But of course, you can add just as much sugar or other sweeteners as you want to suit your own taste.

Sugar Syrup - Recipe
If your infusion is too weak-flavoured you can enhance the flavours by adding a bit of sugar. You can add the sugar directly, but usually it's better to make a simple sugar syrup and add it to your infusion. 

Create your own Schnapps Blend
You can create your own unique schnapps blends by blending different infusions. You can create blends with health benefits, blends with your favourite flavours, etc. The flavour combinations are just endless. 

How to Keep your Flavoured Schnapps
Before and between servings it's really important to keep your flavoured schnapps in a dark and dry place at room temperature. Also, to prevent oxidation it's important to keep your bottles and jars tightly closed.

How to Serve your Flavoured Schnapps
Present your flavoured schnapps in decorative decanters or fine, old bottles. Serve at room temperature to fully enjoy the wonderful and unique flavours and aromas. Never ice cold or even cold.

How to Choose the Correct Stemware
Most wine drinkers know that different styles of wines demand different types of wine glasses or stemware. Flavoured schnapps is no different from wines when it comes to suitable drinking glasses.