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Schnapps Related Articles

About Liqueurs and Liqueur Making
Liqueurs are alcoholic beverages with high sugar content and a variety of flavourings. Liqueur making is easy. You just add a sugar syrup to your flavoured schnapps and leave it for a while to settle.

Try to Experiment with other Spirits
When you make flavoured schnapps and liqueurs, you will normally use spirits like Danish schnapps, vodka or grain alcohol as base. But try to experiment with other types of spirits, also. It can be very rewarding.

Cooking with Alcohol
Cooking with alcohol is a great way to enrich and intensify taste and flavours of your cooking ingredients. Use wine or spirits such as your homemade flavoured schnapps, brandy, rum, whiskey, calvados, etc.

How to Choose the Correct Stemware
Most wine drinkers know that different styles of wines demand different types of stemware. It seems like a pretension. But it's not. It's just a simple fact. Wines do taste different in differently shaped wine glasses. 

About Crystal Stemware and Glasses
Crystal stemware and glasses have a coarser and more porous surface than ordinary glassware. The coarser surface helps to release and enhance the special aromas of wines, schnapps and other spirits.

How to Care for your Crystal Glassware
Crystal stemware and glasses are beautiful, but also softer and more delicate on the surface than other glassware. However, handle your crystalware with care, and it will stay beautiful for many years.

Picking Wild Plants for Schnapps Making
Picking wild fruits, berries, herbs and other plant material for schnapps making is fun and very rewarding. But it requires that you really know about the plant material you want to use.

About Plants and Constituents
Taste, flavours and colours from plants come from many active and very complex chemical and biological constituents. These influence our health and well being. They can do good - and they can poison.

About Plant Identification
Plant identification takes time and work. But it's worth it. Because nature offers so many delicious fruits, berries, herbs and flowers you can use to add new taste and flavours to your schnapps.

About Botanical Names
Botanical - or scientific - names are written in Latin and used all over the world. Each botanical name consists of two parts. The first part indicates the genus of the plant. The second name indicates the species.