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How To Serve
Your Flavoured Schnapps

Serve your flavoured schnapps at room temperature. That's very important.

Because, if your schnapps is ice cold or even cold, you won't be able to fully enjoy the wonderful and unique flavours and aromas.

Also, a schnapps containing tannins is much less astringent when served at room temperature.

Present your schnapps in decorative decanters or fine, old bottles.

Pour it slowly in suitable crystal stemware or glasses.

Crystal stemware and glasses have - on a microscopic level - a coarser surface than ordinary glasses.

The coarser surface helps to release and enhance the special and wonderful aromas of schnapps and liqueurs.

Slowly enjoy your schnapps. Close your eyes and "chew" on it. Let it roll in your mouth.

Enjoy the pure taste, the wonderful aromas and unique flavours - your work of art - the happy memories it brings back.