Flavoured Schnapps

Flavoured schnapps tastes good. It's quite easy to make and requires no special equipment. 

You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere...

... as appetizer or after dinner drink. Served with hot and cold dishes. Or added to foods and drinks, teas and coffees.

Natural flavourings steeping in alcohol

You can even turn your flavoured schnapps into tasty liqueurs.

True flavoured schnapps is based on natural ingredients like fruits, berries, herbs and spices that are infused in high proof spirits, such as neutral schnapps, vodka or pure grain alcohol.

Here in Denmark, it's a very old tradition - and also a popular hobby - to flavour your own schnapps or vodka. Because it's fun, fascinating and highly rewarding.

For years I have collected hundreds of Danish schnapps recipes. Some are new. Others very old... handed down from generation to generation.

I can't say I have tried them all. But here on my website, you will find more than sixty of my favourite recipes.


Vivi Labo - Denmark