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Happy Schnappsing - Issue No. 003
April 06, 2003
April 6, 2003 - Issue No. 003

In this issue:

  • Apple Schnapps
  • Chili Schnapps
  • Cinnamon Schnapps
  • Heather Honey Schnapps
  • Orange Schnapps
  • Peach Schnapps
  • Star Anise Schnapps
  • Sweet Gale Schnapps
  • Vanilla Schnapps

Greetings from Denmark.

The month of March was extremely - and unusual - mild and sunny.

Streets and outdoor cafees were crowded with people enjoying the first taste of summer.

Home gardeners were busy tidying up and preparing for the new season, migratory songbirds such as larks and lapwings returned from warmer climates, honey bees were busy after a long winter, and crocus, white snowdrops and sweet violets are seen in many places.

And - the first yellow daffodils are just about to open.

But now - now it's April and typical April weather. Night frost, cold, windy and rainy days. Sometimes sleet, sometimes a little sunshine.

But days are getting longer and longer - today the length of the day has increased by 6 hours and 28 minutes. Wonderful!

Since my last newsletter I have added nine schnapps recipes to my website. Here they are...

Apple Schnapps
has a fresh, fruity taste with wonderful flavours of vanilla and almonds.

Enjoy it on its own - or serve with pie, ice cream, fruit salad, chicken, cheese and cheese cake.

Or add it to marmalade, jelly, fruit sauce or any dish where you would normally use apple juice.

Apple schnapps blends well with many other schnappses, for instance Cinnamon Schnapps, Vanilla Schnapps or Thyme Schnapps.

Chili Schnapps
is hot, spicy and very tasty.

However - heat, taste and colour all depends on which kind of chili and alcohol (vodka, tequila, sherry) you use.

Serve with fish, shellfish, sushi, chicken, soup, rice dishes, pasta, meat and stew.

Or use the schnapps in curries, sauces, dips, chutnies, salsas and in dishes where you would normally use chili.

Blends extremely well with Lemon Schnapps or Heather Honey Schnapps.

Cinnamon Schnapps
is strong, intense, sweet, spicy and very aromatic.

It's mostly used to blend with other schnappses in order to create new and interesting schnapps combinations.

For instance, try to add a little cinnamon schnapps to your Apple Schnapps, Blue Berry Schnapps, Orange Schnapps or Vanilla Schnapps. These are wonderful combinations.

But there are many other combinations and variations - try to experiment.

You can also add this schnapps to hot chocolate - it's very delicious and warming.

Cinnamon schnapps can be used in rolls, cakes, cookies, bread, pie fillings, marinades, dressings, chocolate desserts, marmalades or spicy meat dishes - chicken, lamb, fish - or where you would normally use cinnamon.

Heather Honey Schnapps
has a light to dark golden colour and a rich, aromatic and characteristic taste and aroma.

Serve with ham, chicken, lamb, seafood, cold dishes, fruit salad, ice cream, pancakes, cheese, cheese cakes and desserts.

Or use it in meat dishes, cakes, cookies and fruit sauce.

Very good in strong, black coffee - or blended with other flavoured schnappses, for instance Chili Schnapps.

Orange Schnapps
is mostly used to blend with other schnappses and liqueurs.

With its bitter-sweet-acid taste you can use it to either enhance their flavours, create new and interesting schnapps combinations or even save a schnapps you are not satisfied with.

But certainly, you can also enjoy it on its own as appetizer - or use it in desserts, marmalades, ice cream or where you would normally use orange juice or peels.

Or - try to combine the schnapps with just a little Cinnamon Schnapps or Vanilla Schnapps.

Peach Schnapps
is a wonderful schnapps - sweet, fruity and with many fine flavours.

Serve with desserts, ice cream, fruit salads - or use it marmalades and fruit sauce.

Also, it goes very well with chicken or other poultry, pork and veal dishes.

Sweeten it and you have an excellent liqueur.

Star Anise Schnapps
is soft, sweetish and very aromatic with a fine taste of liquorice. The colour is light to dark brown.

This schnapps is often used to blend with other schnappses that are based on aromatic herbs or dark berries.

You can create many new and interesting schnapps combinations - try to experiment.

Or - if you have made a schnapps that you are not quite happy with you can just add a little star anise schnapps to adjust the taste and flavour. It usually helps.

Very good as appetizer - or served with fish, chicken, beef, pork, duck, soup or stew. Or use it in meat dishes, breads, cakes or cookies.

Sweet Gale Schnapps
is one of the most popular flavoured schnappses in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries.

It's produced commercially, but the homemade schnapps tastes much, much better.

It's a sweetish and very aromatic schnapps with a wonderful taste and fragrance.

When just made the colour is light green, but during storage the colour changes to yellow.

Enjoy it on its own - or serve with seafood, soups, stews or cold dishes (smorgasbord).

Blends very well with Crowberry Schnapps.

Vanilla Schnapps
is a sweet and very delicious schnapps with distinctive and rich flavours and aromas. It has a fine yellow colour.

Serve the schnapps with ice cream, cheese, cheese cake, fruit salad, chocolate, coffee or tea.

Or use it in desserts and dessert sauce.

Blends very well with many other schnappses, for instance Cinnamon Schnapps, Apple Schnapps, Orange Schnapps.

Another fine combination is Vanilla schnapps and Strawberry Schnapps.

Happy Schnappsing

All the best,
Vivi Labo

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