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Happy Schnappsing - Issue No. 005
September 25, 2003
September 25, 2003 - Issue No. 005

In this issue:

  • Elderberry Schnapps
  • Rowan Schnapps
  • Alcohol Bases for Schnapps and Liqueurs
  • Infusions and Steeping Periods

Greetings from Denmark.

Since my last newsletter I have added two new schnapps recipes and two more pages with useful information to my website.

Elderberry Schnapps
Elderberry schnapps tastes almost like a good port wine. It's round and fruity with hints of almond, vanilla, and chocolate.

The colour is deep purple.

Serve with ice creams, desserts, cakes, all kinds of cheese and cheesecakes.

Or add the schnapps to chutneys, marmalades, teas, pies, cake fillings, sauces and other dishes where you would normally use elderberry.

Very good as apéritif.

You can add a little honey or sugar syrup to your schnapps to make a very fine and enjoyable elderberry liqueur.

Elderberry schnapps blends very well with many other schnappses, such as apple schnapps, lemon schnapps, or sloe schnapps.
More information and recipe

Rowan Schnapps
Rowan schnapps has a unique, sweet-acid and slightly bitter taste with notes of crab apple, rose hip, and a little strawberry.

The colour is pale red.

Serve with venison meat, other game dishes, pork, poultry, desserts, cheese and cheese cakes.

Or use the schnapps in jellies, sauces and stews.

Excellent as appetizer.

Add a little honey to the schnapps and you have an excellent rowan liqueur.

Or - blend the schnapps with honey schnapps to suit your taste.
More information and recipe

Alcohol Bases
Alcohol bases for flavoured schnapps and liqueurs, also known as cordials, are numerous. You can use clear, non-flavoured vodka or pure grain alcohol.

Or other spirits such as flavoured vodka, brandy, whisky or whiskey, rum, tequila, cognac, gin or Danish aquavit - or any combination you can imagine will suit your taste. Clear, non-flavoured vodka works best in most cases - hence most schnapps and liqueur recipes call for that.

Instead of non-flavoured vodka you can use pure grain alcohol. It's a neutral but very high proof spirit. You need to dilute it with distilled water before use - and use a quality alcoholmeter to measure the exact alcohol content.

Pure grain alcohol can be purchased at local pharmacy shops or brewers supply stores. But because pure grain alcohol is such a high proof spirit, it's not legally available in some countries.
More information

Infusions and Steeping Periods
To make flavoured schnapps you must first make one or more infusions of the flavours from fruits, berries, herbs, spices, etc.

This is done by steeping your plant material in non-flavoured vodka or diluted pure grain alcohol.

Steeping must be done in a dark place at room temperature until you have extracted all the wanted flavours from the plant material.

The length of steeping periods vary depending on the alcohol content of your spirit, the kind and amount of plant material being used - and what best suits your taste.

Steeping periods are to a certain degree also depending on the surrounding temperature in your steeping-place. High temperature enhances the process while low temperature slows it down.
More information

Happy Schnappsing

All the best,
Vivi Labo

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