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Happy Schnappsing - Issue No. 006
December 06, 2003
December 06, 2003 - Issue No. 006

In this issue:

  • Filtration and Storage of Your Vodka Infusion
  • How to Adjust Taste and Flavours
  • Create Your Own Unique Schnapps Blends
  • Cardamom Schnapps
  • Clove Schnapps
  • Coriander Schnapps
  • Liquorice Schnapps
  • Pear Schnapps
  • Raisin Schnapps
  • Sea Wormwood Schnapps

Greetings from Denmark.

Since my last newsletter I have added seven new schnapps recipes and three more pages with useful information to my website...

Filtration and Storage
Proper filtration and storage of your vodka infusions is of vital importance when you make flavoured schnapps and liqueurs. Failing this, your schnapps or liqueurs will not reach their full potential.

How to adjust Taste and Flavours of your Vodka Infusion
After proper steeping, filtration and storage of your vodka infusion, it's time to adjust the taste and flavours to suit your own taste - or to save a bland schnapps from going down the drain.

Create Your Own Unique Schnapps Blends
You can create your own unique schnapps blends by blending different and properly stored vodka infusions. It's great fun and a very fascinating hobby to blend and experiment because there are so many possibilities.

You can create blends with your favourite flavours, blends with health benefits, blends to help you sleep, blends to cheer you up, blends for cooking purposes, blends for serving with meals - and blends to give away as personalized unique gifts presented in beautiful bottles or added to gift baskets.

Cardamom Schnapps
Cardamom - also known as "Queen of Spices" or "Grains of Paradise" - is one of the most valued spices in the world.

Infused in vodka you get a very aromatic schnapps with a sweet, characteristic, light pungent and warming taste.

Serve with curries, duck, chicken, fish, sausages, rice, heavy meat dishes, desserts, and cakes.

Excellent as after-dinner drink or added to coffee or tea.

Or use the schnapps in breads, cakes, desserts, pies, biscuits, pastries, jams, marmalades, jellies, meat and rice dishes, and other dishes where you would normally use cardamom.

Blends very well with other schnappses and is often used to enhance taste and flavours of weak-flavoured schnappses and liqueurs.

Clove Schnapps
Clove schnapps is a strong-flavoured, very spicy, aromatic and warming schnapps with a golden colour.

It's mainly used to blend with other schnappses, or used in desserts, marmalades, ice creams, fruit salads, apple pies, marinades, soups, fish and meat sauces, pork dishes, tea, and mulled wine.

Coriander Schnapps
Coriander schnapps is spicy and aromatic.

It's mainly used to blend with other schnappses, or used in marinades, pickles, soups, curries, ratatouille, fish and meat dishes, stews, and sauces.

Liquorice (licorice) Schnapps
Liquorice schnapps is mainly used to blend with other schnappses in order to:

  • enhance flavours of other schnappses
  • create new and interesting schnapps combinations
  • save a schnapps you are not satisfied with

In fact, a little liquorice is an important flavouring in many commercially produced spirits.

But certainly, you can also enjoy it on its own. It has a nice, sweetish and strong taste and flavours.

Pear Schnapps
Pear schnapps has a fresh, fruity taste with fine flavours.

Enjoy on its own - or serve with pie, ice cream, fruit salad, dessert, chicken, cheese and cheese cake.

Or add it to marmalade, jam, jelly, chutney and fruit sauce.

Blends well with many other schnappses.

Raisin Schnapps
Raisin schnapps is a sweet, aromatic schnapps with fine taste and flavours of grapes.

The colour is light to dark golden.

Can be served with a variety of dishes, including curries, stews, chicken, pork, fish, shellfish, salads, oriental foods, desserts, cheese and cheese cakes.

Or use the schnapps in cookies, breads, cakes, salad dressings, dips and sauces, or any other dish where you would normally use raisins.

Blends very well with other schnappses.

Also, a little raisin schnapps is excellent to enhance flavours of other schnappses - or even save a schnapps you are not satisfied with.

Sea Wormwood Schnapps
Sea Wormwood schnapps belongs to the very old, traditional and very popular schnappses here in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries.

It's a highly enjoyable schnapps with a pleasant bitter, aromatic and characteristic taste and wonderful, unique flavours. The colour is pale green.

Serve with seafoods, smoked and marinated herrings, smoked salmons, soups, stews, or cold dishes such as Danish smorgasbord.

Excellent as appetizer and after-dinner drink.

Happy Schnappsing

All the best,
Vivi Labo

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