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Happy Schnappsing - Issue No. 009
July 15, 2004
July 15, 2004 - Issue No. 009

Greetings from Denmark.

It's with regrets that I have decided not to send out any more newsletters - at least for a while. Quite a while.

3 months, 6 months, 12 months? At this time I don't know.

I just know that I don't have the time to write the kind of inspirational and informative newsletters you deserve - and I had planned from the start.

My newsletters never lived up to my own expectations, and I'm sure they never lived up to yours either.

However, I'll continue adding more schnapps and food recipes and more useful information to my website.

I'll also update my Schnapps Blog more frequently, providing you with small pieces of news, useful information, tips, ideas, etc.

That way I think I serve you better.

All the best,

Vivi Labo
Danish Schnapps Recipes

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