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Botanical Name: Rubus fruticosus

Cluster of unripe and ripe blackberries.

The blackberry plant is also known as bramble or brambleberry. It's a very common shrub with thorny stems and pink or white flowers.

The berries are black, purple or deep red and rather delicate.

The black, ripe berries have a wonderful flavour and a sweetish, slightly acid taste.

Very rich in antioxidants.

Here in Denmark, blackberries grow wild throughout the country.

They grow in moist soil in hedgerows, shrubs, wood edges, meadows, coastal areas and along fences.

Among other uses, blackberries are used in the making of wine, schnapps and liqueurs, to colour red wine and to flavour vinegar.

The berries are also used in alternative medicine, anti-aging products and dietary supplements.