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Common Juniper
Botanical Name: Juniperus communis

Common Juniper tree with both ripe and unripe cones.

The common juniper plant is a small evergreen shrub or tree with needle-like leaves and yellow flowers.

The fruit is a berry-like cone about the size of a pea. The cones mature on the plant after two years.

First year they are green or grey-green, second year blue or black and covered with a bluish bloom.

Both unripe and ripe cones can be seen on the same plant.

Among other uses, the cones are used to flavour the Dutch Genever.

The cones - as well as the leaves - are also used in various dietary supplements and herbal remedies.

Here in Denmark, common juniper grows wild in gravel or sandy soil in open woods, wood edges, heaths, sandy hillsides, and coast shrubs.

It's found throughout the country, especially in middle and west Jutland (Jylland), on the small island of Bornholm, and at the chalk cliffs of Møn (Møns Klint).


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