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Cooking With Alcohol

Cooking with alcohol is a great way to enrich and intensify taste and flavours of your cooking ingredients.

Depending on what kind of dish you want to make you can use different types of alcohol, such as...

  • Danish schnapps

  • Liqueur

  • Grape brandy - (armagnacweinbrand)

  • Fruit brandy - (calvadosslivovitseau-de-vie)

  • Pomace brandy - (grappamarc)

  • Vodka

  • Pastis

  • Ouzo

  • Absinthe

  • Rum

  • Better than dried herbs
    Herb flavoured schnapps and liqueurs are great to have at hand during winter time when it's difficult to get fresh herbs. It's so much better than dried herbs.

    I usually make several batches during summer, and add them to dishes where I would normally use fresh herbs.

    Adding alcohol to food
    When you add alcohol to a dish that's heated, the alcohol content will evaporate - leaving only the wonderful taste and flavours behind.

    Just remember, alcohol needs time to burn off. So, let it simmer in your dish for 10-15 minutes - or till you cannot taste the alcohol anymore.

    If the dish is not heated both taste, flavours, and the alcohol content will remain.