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How To Care For Your
Crystal Stemware And Glasses

To care for and preserve your crystal stemware and glasses here are some general rules you should follow:

  • Wash your glasses before and after serving.

  • Wash them under warm, running water.

  • Be careful of quick changes in temperature as this can cause cracking or clouding.

  • If you think you must add a detergent, use a mild, flavourless one, as even just a trace of flavour in your glass will ruin the taste and aromas of your beverage.

  • Rinse thoroughly afterwards under warm, running water.

  • Wipe and polish the glasses with a lint-free cloth, linen, or dish towel which has been washed several times - without a fabric softener.The softener will leave a light, invisible film of grease on the glass.This film of grease kills champagne bubbles and beer foam, and spoils the taste and aromas of your beverages.

  • Hold the glasses up to the light to check they are clean and sparkling.

  • Keep them in a clean, smell-free cupboard where they won't touch other things.

  • Let your glasses stand right up. If you keep them upside down it can put stress to the rim, which is very delicate.

Dishwashing crystal - not recommended
Dishwashing your crystal stemware and glasses is not recommended. The washing cycle usually takes one hour or more, which is not good for your glasses.

The cooling phase, which takes much longer, exposes the surface of your glasses to very hot steam followed by highly concentrated moisture.

Over a period of time the fine surface will corrode. The glasses will start to tarnish and show a blue film that can never be removed.

Crystal stemware and glasses are beautiful. Treat them well and they will stay beautiful for many, many years. 


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