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Great Maple
Botanical Name: Acer pseudoplatanus

Green leaves on a Great Maple tree

Great maple is also known as sycamore.

It's a beautiful, deciduous tree that grows to a hight of about 30 meters.

The tree has a wide-spreading crown, short trunk and smooth, grey-brown bark.

The palmately lobed leaves are sitting opposite to one another on long, red or reddish stems.

The leaves are dark green and shiny above and greyish below.

The flowers, which appear right after the leaves, are very small, yellow or greenish, and arranged in hanging clusters.

The fruit is a pair of connected, winged seeds. It's called samara or keys. Here in Denmark we call it a helicopter.

When ripe the wings divide, and the fruit spins its way down to the earth. With good winds it can fly over a long distance.

The wood from the great maple tree is widely used in hardwood flooring and furniture making, wood turning and wood carving, and in the making of musical instruments such as pianos, violins, and bassoons.

The juice, which is tapped from the trunk by piercing the bark, can be used for medicinal purposes and sugar making. Formerly the juice was used to make wine.

The great maple tree is very common here in Denmark, where it grows in nutrient-rich soil in gardens, parks, shrubs, hedgerows, beech woods, wood edges and along roadsides.

Grows wild in the southern part of Denmark, e.g. eastern part of South Jutland (Jylland), southern part of the island of Funen (Fyn) and on the islands of Als and Ærø. Also in the beech wood of Gjorslev on the peninsula of Stevns.


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