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Lemon Thyme
Botanical Name: Thymus x citriodorus

Flowering Lemon Thyme plant.

The lemon thyme herb is a very decorative and low growing plant. It's a hybrid and very common in many kitchen gardens. Has small, yellow-green leaves and whorls of light lilac flowers with leaf-like bracts.

The leaves have a wonderful and very intense lemon and thyme fragrance.

They are used to flavour various dishes, especially fish, stuffings and vegetables. Also used in tea making, to flavour schnapps, vodka and liqueurs - and for making potpourris.

The lemon thyme oil is considered less irritant than other thyme oils, and is used in aromatherapy for asthma.


Liqueur making based on the schnapps recipes here on my site is easy. Just add a simple sugar syrup to your schnapps and store it for a while.
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You can create your very own and unique schnapps and liqueur blends by blending different alcohol infusions.
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If for some reason you are not satisfied with your schnapps, there are ways to adjust both taste and flavours. 
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