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Pear Schnapps

Pear schnapps - based on fresh, aromatic pears - has a fresh, fruity taste with fine flavours.

Enjoy on its own - or serve with pie, ice cream, fruit salad, dessert, chicken, cheese and cheese cake.

Or add it to marmalade, jam, jelly, chutney and fruit sauce.

You can also turn your schnapps into a liqueur.

Blends very well with...


Use fresh, ripe and aromatic pears. Wild (Pyrus pyraster) or cultivated. Organic if available.

You can use almost any variety - so start with your favourite one, then try some other varieties.

Single ripe fruit hanging from a Pear tree


  • Wash and slice 1-2 pears. Leave the skin on.

  • Put them - and also the cores - in a clean glass jar with tight-fitting lid.

  • Add 5 deciliter clear, unflavoured vodka - 40% alcohol content (80 proof).

  • Let steep for 2-3 months or more - in a dark place at room temperature, 18-20°C (64-68°F).

  • Shake lightly and taste it from time to time.

  • Strain and filter your infusion into a clean glass bottle or jar with tight-fitting lid.

  • Store (age) for at least 2 months in a dark place at room temperature before serving.

Note: If for some reason you are not satisfied with your infusion, there are ways to adjust both taste and flavours - click here to see how.

Serve your pear schnapps at room temperature in suitable glasses. And remember to keep your schnapps bottle tightly closed and in a dark place before and between servings.