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Botanical Name: Piper nigrum

Whole black peppercorns.

The pepper plant is a climbing vine with green leaves, white flowers and green or red berries in grapelike clusters.

The plant is indigenous to India and Asia.

Peppercorns are the dried berries from this plant.

Black corns are unripe, dried berries. During the drying process the green skin of the berries turns black.

White corns are ripe, dried berries where the red skin has been removed.

Green corns are unripe berries. They are freeze-dried, dehydrated or preserved in brine or vinegar.


Liqueur making based on the schnapps recipes here on my site is easy. Just add a simple sugar syrup to your schnapps and store it for a while.
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You can create your very own and unique schnapps and liqueur blends by blending different alcohol infusions.
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If for some reason you are not satisfied with your schnapps, there are ways to adjust both taste and flavours. 
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