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About Plant Identification

Plant identification takes quite some time. It also requires some work. But it's really worth it.

Because nature is so generous.

It offers us so many wild and delicious fruits, berries, herbs, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, flowers and blossoms.

All of which you can use in your cooking or schnapps and liqueur making. And even also for cosmetic, medicinal and other purposes.

But to know about all these wild plants is impossible. Are they edible or poisonous?

You may find the answer in plant identification guides and manuals - or in local floras.

However, using a guide or manual requires some botanical knowledge.

So, for the not so experienced, a local flora may be a better way to precisely identify the plants growing in a particular area.

Another way to find out is to pick a sample of the plant and have it identified by botanists at your nearby university or botanical garden.

Or - you can compare your sample with herbarium specimens.

Asking local and experienced botanists is also a possibility.

As I mentioned before - plant identification takes time and requires some work, but at the same time it's very interesting.

Can be a hobby in itself. And it surely opens a whole new world full of pleasures, surprises and excitement.