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Siberian Crabapple
Botanical Name: Malus baccata

Red crabapples on a Siberian crabapple tree.

Siberian crabapple is a smaller, deciduous tree with a narrow crown and dark green leaves with toothed edges.

The tree belongs to a wide range of species in the genus Malus.

Because of its beauty it's grown as an ornamental tree in many parks and home gardens.

In early spring, before the foliage appears, the tree is covered with beautiful, fragrant blossoms.

The blossoms are pink when in bud, and white when open, and attract myriads of bees.

They grow in clusters and are followed by small, long-lasting, green apples that ripen to yellow and red in autumn.

The apples are extremely acid and cannot be eaten raw.

They are, however, wonderful in cooking, made into marmalade, jelly, jam, preserve, chutney, wine, schnapps and liqueur - and added to cider.

Also, the tree is one of the best trees for Bonsai making.


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