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Singleseed Hawthorn
Botanical Name: Crataegus monogyna

Red hawthorn berries on stems.

There is a great number of species in the genus Crataegus.

And also a great number of varieties and hybrids.

One of the best known species is the singleseed hawthorn - also known as May or Whitethorn.

It's a small, deciduous tree or shrub with sharp-thorned branches.

It grows in almost any type of soil.

It has dark green and deeply loped leaves - and lots of white, highly scented blossoms in spring.

Small, red, apple-shaped berries appear in autumn. Both leaves, blossoms and berries are edible.

The berries are sweet-acid and astringent. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and an important source of food for birds and animals.

Hawthorn is used in the making of marmalades, jams and jellies.

It's also used in schnapps, liqueur and wine making - and in anti-aging products, herbal remedies and dietary supplements.

The hawthorn wood is hard and excellent as firewood. Also very good for turning and carving.

For Bonsai making, the hawthorn is a very fine tree.

Singleseed hawthorn is very common in Denmark, where it grows in hedges, windbreaks, wood edges, beach shrubs and sandy areas.


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