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Small Cranberry
Botanical Name: Vaccinium oxycoccus

Red cranberries growing on a shrub.

Small cranberry is also known as bog cranberry, wild cranberry or swamp cranberry.

It's a low-growing evergreen shrub with slender stems, small, thick leaves and pink flowers.

The small, round berries are red and juicy - with an acid taste and strong flavour.

After the first frost the berries become much milder, sweeter and very tasty.

And in spring, after the snow has melted, they are even sweeter and more tasty.

Cranberries are very rich in antioxidants and used in anti-aging products, herbal remedies and dietary supplements.

Here in Denmark, small cranberries grow wild in peat moss in raised bogs, hanging bogs and wet heaths.

They are most common in west and middle Jutland (Jylland), south Funen (Fyn) and north Zealand (Sjælland).


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