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Small-Leaved Linden
Botanical Name: Tilia parvifolia

Yellow flowers and flower buds on a Small-Leaved Linden tree

The small-leaved linden tree - also known as small-leaved lime tree - grows to a height of about 35 meters.

It's a deciduous tree with a wide-spreading crown and shiny, sharply toothed, obliquely heart-shaped leaves, which are dark green above and pale green underneath.

The small, highly fragrant flowers are yellow-white.

They hang from slender stems in pendulous clusters of 4-10 on a stem.

Each stem also has a winged, narrow, papery and pale green bract, which helps the small, round fruits to float away on the wind.

The small-leaved linden tree grows in moist, clay soil. It's common throughout Denmark, where it's planted in gardens, parks and along road sides, city streets and boulevards.

Grows wild in wood edges, oak shrubs and mixed woods in southern and eastern Denmark, especially in the woods of Bolderslev and Uge near the town of Aabenraa in south Jutland (Jylland).

The wood from various linden species is prized for its pale colour and light weight. It's very usable for wood carving, wood turning, and in the making of musical instruments, sounding boards for pianos and organ building.

The wood is also used for making artist charcoal.

The stringy inner bark is called bast or bass. It's strong and elastic, and mainly used by gardeners. But it's also used to make baskets, mats, ropes, etc.

The sweetly scented flowers attract lots of bees, and Linden Honey is considered to be one the most aromatic and valuable in the world. It's used in schnapps, liqueurs and medicine.

Dried linden flowers and leaves are used for tea making.


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