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Solo Build It
Review By a Happy SBI Member for 17 Years

Yes - that happy SBI member is me.

Portrait photo of Vivi Labo.

And in case you have read my About-Me page you know who I am.

Then you also know that I built this website using Solo Built It - SBI for short. 

17 years ago I didn't know how to build a website or how to make it visible on the Internet.

Because of that and so many other things, I chose SBI to guide me.

A decision I've never regretted - not even for a moment.

So, if you are toying with the idea of building an online business I can heartily recommend SBI. And here are some of the reasons...

  • Lots of templates you can customize

  • All the tools you need

  • Step-by-step Action Guide

  • Useful and informative articles

  • All the hand-holding and help you may need

Here on the Internet, there are really so many pitfalls and traps you can fall into, and if you don't have enough background knowledge it can be very difficult to distinguish between good and bad.

But with SBI I feel safe, because I know that I'm backed up by a company with high moral standards...

... and a company that sincerely wants me and other SBIers to succeed, which again makes my web journey a whole lot easier and much more fun.

Never Left To Myself

Though I work alone on my website, I'm never left to myself. 

Ken Evoy - the visionary and enthusiastic founder of Solo Build It - and his highly dedicated team are always there to guide me and other SBI members safely through the web jungle.

They have their fingers on the pulse all the time, they test and analyze things for us and tell us what's good and what's bad - what to do and what to avoid.

Support is top notch - kind and understanding people who are always there to help.

Almost Like Family

The community at the SBI Forums is something very special - almost like family. Here we help each other, share our ideas and solutions and much more. 

For instance... Not so long ago there was a very inspiring and informative thread in the Forums about writing and selling e-books.

I have often toyed with the idea of selling e-books to supplement the passive income from the ads on my website. But I've never come around to do it due to lack of time.

But thanks to the inspiration and knowledge I got from that thread, I'll now make time to write my first e-book.

And thanks also to all the great articles in SBI's InfoCenter, I will know how to proceed.

You can read more about Solo Build It here.

Fake Reviews Hurt

As I said earlier, it can be very difficult to distinguish between good and bad on the Internet.

And fake reviews by paid affiliates are a big and growing problem. Because they mislead people, just to make money. 

  • They hurt honest and ethical businesses.

  • They hurt Solo Build It by telling lies in their attempt to tear down what Ken Evoy and his team have built and developed into something quite unique - a serious business helping serious solopreneurs succeed on the Internet.

  • They hurt all us members of SBI, who for the most part have nowhere else to turn to if SBI goes under - because there is no system that works like Solo Build It.

  • They hurt future solopreneurs, who are planning to build a serious online business, but are misled by fake reviews.  

So, just in case you want to start an online business, I recommend that you read this before you start...

Success Comparative Study: Solo Build It vs. Wealthy Affiliate.

The study is quite an eye-opener and will enable you to make the decision that's right for you.

17 Years With Solo Build It

As you now know, I've been an SBI member for 17 years.

And thanks to Ken Evoy, his dedicated team, and all the helpful SBI members in the Forums, it has been a very exciting and rewarding journey in so many ways.

A journey that has been an important part of my life. A journey that has enriched me greatly. And a journey that I want to continue the next many years.

So, this Solo Build It Review is also a tribute and thank you to Ken Evoy and his family, to his team, support and others behind the scene...

...and to all the inspiring SBI members who take time out of their busy schedules to participate in the Forums.

- Vivi Labo

PS: Just want to let you know that I don't get paid for this review.